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VPS Providers – DigitalOcean vs Contabo



A VPS provider is an online business that provides other businesses with a specific type of website hosting. This type of hosting is referred to as VPS Hosting or Virtual Private Server Hosting. A Virtual Private Server type of hosting is when a service provider sets up a website hosting service for multiple businesses on the same server hardware. Each VPS has its operating system and applications but shares the resources of the server.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of websites that offer VPS  hosting services, for this article, we are going to focus our attention on just two, Digital Ocean and Contabo. Each one offers several different levels of VPS Hosting services. We are including a brief description of each of them, as well as some pros and cons of each of them.

DigitalOcean vs Contabo



Digital Ocean is a US-based web hosting service provider located in New York. It is an Infrastructure as a Service company that offers a wide range of different platforms. One of those service platforms is VPS or Virtual Private Server. They offer a variety of different levels of service depending on the needs of their client.

With the use of Virtual machines on each physical server, they can keep costs lower. They house all of their physical hardware in several data centers to help deliver maximum uptime. They can achieve an industry-standard level of uptime and a minimal cost to the company. By keeping their cost low, they can pass the savings on to the customer in the form of lower monthly costs.


  • Offers lower cost as compared to other VPS Hosting providers
  • Uses only high-quality server hardware that delivers superior uptime
  • Extremely scalable and flexible


  • The user dashboard console is not as stable as it should be
  • Limited user documentation is available

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Contabo is a website hosting company that is based out of Munich, Germany, and was launched in 2003. They currently boast of having more than 100,000 clients from more than 180 countries around the world. One of the primary reasons that they are so successful is that they offer their VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting services at a much lower cost than their competition.

They operate 5 individual data centers which house all of their computer hardware and they are located all over the world. This server capacity is what allows them to service all of their customers and keep them up and running. Having multiple virtual systems running on a single piece of hardware helps to keep their cost down and therefore they can keep their customer’s costs lower.


  • Server hardware housed in 5 globally located datacenters
  • Offers additional benefits such as SSL certificates and  domain registration
  • Each VPS features its OS and user control panel


  • Does not offer any live chat services
  • Customer support is not available 24/7


Based on several factors, including reliability, responsiveness, and cost, we would have to give the edge to Contabo. From everything we have read and the results of our research, we see that Contabo offers a bit more bang for the buck. You can judge it for yourself, however, we simply find it a much better overall hosting service.

was founded in 2012
Minimum price
$5 per month
RAM – Memory
32 TB Traffic
Average provisioning time
was founded in 2003
Minimum price​
$6.99 per month
RAM – Memory
1 TB Traffic
Average provisioning time

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